4-Week Breath Training


We can live for days without water, but only minutes without air. Making every breath a vital miracle that supports life. Bring more awareness to your breath.


Dale will guide you through better breathing practices and techniques in his 1-on-1 breath training program:

  • One month program

  • Meet 1x time per week via 30-min video call 

  • 15-min daily homework

  • Access to guided practice online

  • Email support between sessions 

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My journey toward becoming a breath coach started with the practice of yoga.


While practicing yoga, I gained a much deeper awareness of my breath that eventually led me to an island in Thailand where I trained and became a certified yoga instructor. There, I gained more knowledge and understanding of the body and the tremendous effects of breathing.


After more travel in search of meaningful opportunities to spread positive change, I found focus in learning more about our common breath of existence.

Bringing awareness to your breath provides tremendous benefits:

  • Balanced Energy 

  • Mental Focus 

  • Safe + Natural Self-Care Tool 

  • Sustained, Deep, Accessible Sleep

  • Stress Relief

  • Reduced Anxiety 

  • Efficient Digestion

  • Clarity

  • Mind-Body Connection

Most days go by without any thought about our breath. I continue to realize the more thought and attention I give to this process, the more purely and consistently I benefit from its regulation.


I aim to share these truths with the world, as it opens to me.

Forever pleased to make every acquaintance! And to continue on this journey with peers such as yourselves, I look forward to learning from each individual I encounter, and seek those who yearn to experience the perspectives of other humans.


You are exactly where you are meant to be, Just Breathe.