Dutch Bootcamp A2

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Dutch Bootcamp A2

$189.19 (€ 160)


Do you want to speak Dutch fluently? Join the new advanced Dutch Language Bootcamp (Level A1-A2).


Igor Kondrat will help you step-by-step to boost your communication skills! Using tricks and hacks to break your language barrier as fast as possible.


You will learn every week with others in this online virtual classroom using Zoom and practice practical dialogues so you can proficiently communicate at work and in daily life situations. 


Hey, I'm Igor!

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I'm a full-time digital nomad, language trainer, travel writer and founder of CN Coaching & Nederlands.


I travel around the world to experience local cultures, so I know how it feels to get hit by the language barrier. That's why I started to experiment with different methods to learn languages faster.


Now my Dutch Bootcamp can help you master the Dutch language in as little as 8 weeks. 

By using interactive dialogue simulations, it's almost like you're on the street speaking Dutch with locals. You also get access to the learner portal to watch back the PowerPoint materials and recordings from the lessons. Before you know it, you'll be speaking Dutch to order lunch in Amsterdam.


What is your motivation to learn Dutch? I'll help you get there.

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Never Learned Dutch Before?

Explore Igor's Dutch Bootcamp for beginners (Level A0-A1). 

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