Explore Bali by Motorbike with Luke

$50 per day

Experience the ultimate freedom on a motorbike road trip around the beautiful island of Bali.


Perfect for solo travelers looking to ditch the normal tourist sights and see authentic Bali like a local.  

  • Road-trip for up to 1 week or longer

  • Experience the nature side of Bali

  • Eat authentic Indonesian & Balinese foods

  • Visit hidden places & small villages

  • Explore Bali with complete freedom

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I was born and raised in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, a metropolitan city. But as I was growing up, I realized that it's not the life I want—I want freedom, not a boring and judging society. 


In other words, I escaped! City life is just not for me, so when I was 19, I moved to Bali on my own.


For 3 years, I worked as a surfer instructor. It was an amazing job, but then it became too comfortable. I needed a change as my passion is to explore nature, take pictures, and ride my motorbike.


So, I decided to become a motorbike guide for tourists in Bali. That's how it all started.


I love this job, because I love nature, I love to be out there exploring, and it's just so nice to meet people from around the world, help them to discover Bali, and at the same time, I learn so much from them.

Unlike other tour guides in Bali, I offer a unique experience: I take solo travelers on a road trip around the island by motorbike. For a week or longer, we move from one region to another, avoiding as many touristic places as possible in order to experience the real Bali—I'll take you to hidden places.


Together, we will explore the nature side of Bali and visit small villages to feel the authenticity of Bali, eating at local places, experiencing authentic Indonesian & Balinese foods.


Exploring Bali by motorbike will give us complete freedom to explore, to reach the unbeaten track, to feel the air, the atmosphere, and to stop whenever and wherever we want.


It's an experience of a lifetime!


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