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Weaving Back The Thread is about inherent dignity of every human person. It is about self-integrity through authentic living; about your journey home to yourself.


It is about the crossing of boundaries—the boundaries of self-limitations and those of ossified societal conventions. It is about growth, existential meaning and saying "Yes" to life.

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I live in Nairobi, Kenya.


I'm a seeker.


There's just something new and beautiful about every inarticulate walk in the woods. Isn't it amazing how the soul of nature peeks out and invites you in if you let it? 


Weaving Back the Thread: An Invitation to New Ways of Being in the World is about endearing us to our souls; about making our existence meaningful through intentional human agency.


It is about accepting life—all of it—because it is beautiful and amazingly so. If you are looking to chart your own path to life, I hold your hand through your journey and help you figure that out for yourself, because I strongly believe that life is not a bloody prescription. 


The impetus for writing this book came, mainly, from the struggles I had trying to locate myself within the vastness of the world. This struggle gave me a desire to interpret the universe for myself, as an individual, in spite of being inundated with information from the ready "scripts" we are given and expected to live by.


I always knew, even when I didn't have the courage to say it, that I was a dissident of some sorts, a freethinker. This book encourages personal development, but in large part, this book is my exploration in thought; an attempt to define for myself what it really means to TRULY BE.


With a stubborn faith in humanity, I believe each new day is an opportunity for us to make it easier for each other and to make this world a better place.