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Hey, I鈥檓 Manami Watanabe
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Manami grew up in a historic neighborhood of Tokyo. She became interested in history and traditions and completed a Ph.D. in Cultural Heritage Studies in 2018 from the University of Tsukuba. Manami stayed in Germany and Switzerland for 1 year and half to study and work. She speaks TOEFL 110+ English and currently works for an American IT firm as her day job. Manami started learning origami from her mother at the age of 3. She has 3.5 years experience of teaching it virtually as well as in-person. Manami is committed to making her workshops easy to follow, engaging and fun for everyone.

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Learn Traditional Origami with a Tokyo Local

As a local who grew up with origami, Manami would like to share traditional origami that involves "fun", "creative" and "magical" folding steps. OUTLINE 1. Manami shares origami鈥檚 history, its significance for Japanese people as well as her background. 2. Manami shows 6 origami options and guests will pick 3 shapes by a chat or a poll. 3. Manami spotlights her second camera to show her hands during the demonstrations. 4. She will also talk about cultural backstories of the origami shapes. Benefits 銉籖elaxing, engaging and fun 銉籘he host goes step by step, supporting guests who got lost, to makes sure no one will be left behind. 銉籒ot completely online as you will get your creative works. Feel free to take a group selphie with your favorite works!

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