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Production Manager

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Hey, I鈥檓 Charles Thorpe
5.0 Joined 09 Mar, 2024


Over the last 25 years, I've ended up on stage with some of my favorite bands. Managing 350+ shows per year has grown my love for community-based events and creating space for people to connect. In 2020, I built Space and Faders鈥攁 local artist spot that offers bands, podcasters, painters, poets and more, rooms to rent out and space to connect with each other.

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Drum Class

11 drum kits in one room, some loud speakers, and our master instructor, Demitri 鈥淢eter鈥 Mannos, leading the group through this unique drum team experience. First, we'll start with a bit of drum fundamentals, followed by teaching a basic beat to get comfortable with your kit and try your coordination. Then away we go. Crank up the tunes and start playing to the music with Meter's guidance. Helping everyone along the way to make sure everyone is in sync. By the end of the hour and a half class, the entire group will be playing actual drums together along to some of your favorite songs, working together to 鈥渒eep that beat鈥 In a fun and relaxed environment. If you've never drummed before, you'll leave with a new skill and fun way to blow off steam.

Mon, Jul 15 路 11:00 AM see more


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Drum Shed

Imagine 11 drum kits for people to play on and connect with local musicians. Welcome to the drum shed!

Sat, Aug 3 路 4:00 PM see more


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Tosh Swain

12 Apr, 2024

Drum Shed:

5.0 ENB 鉂わ笍's Space and Faders!

We were introduced to Charles, the founder of Space and Faders, by our friends over at the South Salt Lake Arts Council. They raved about his Drum Class鈥攁 unique group and team-building experience鈥攁nd his Drum Shed鈥攁 fun & free event every month that connects people of all skill levels through an unforgettable drumming experience. So obviously, we had to check it out for ourselves; we were curious and stoked! When we first met Charles and Meter, the most magnetic drum instructor you'll ever meet, it sealed the deal before we even knew the level of awesomeness these two are cultivating in Salt Lake. These guys are super cool, inspiring personalities. Charles is a visionary, deeply connected to SLC and the music scene, and driven by community. Meter is an enthusiastic, high-energy, light-up the room type of dude. Learning that we all share similar values and a deep passion for bringing people together was the cherry on top. We couldn't be happier to share their unique experiences with our ENB community! See you at the next Drum Shed.