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Hey, I鈥檓 Jeff Leedy
5.0 Joined 24 Sep, 2023


As a fine art humorist, it is my joy and passion to create the most compelling imagery and infuse it with my humor. I found that doing pretty paintings left me empty. And doing cartoons was very unsatisfying, artistically. Starting out, I used my creativity in advertising to sell someone else鈥檚 products. OK, I won a Clio, the Oscar of advertising. Later, I became a freelance humorous illustrator, but even after creating for IBM & Qantas, it was still my creativity doing the same thing. And after exhibiting at 400+ art festivals and receiving numerous awards plus owning 2 wonderful humor galleries in CA., I needed to do work that filled me up with satisfaction. And so, the thing that gives me the most joy is creating humorous dog (cat) commissions for you, who loves your dog, sooooo much. The appreciation I receive is overwhelming.

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I Want to Paint Your Dog (or Cat)

Celebrate your beloved dog (cat, parrot) with a unique and humorous painting that captures that special connection you share with them. It鈥檚 often the peculiar and amusing behavior, which might even seem irritating at times, that makes them so charming and lovable. As a seasoned fine art humorist, I鈥檒l bring your pet鈥榮 personality to life! Or, if you simply want a beautiful, colorful portrait, that鈥檚 all good as well. As I capture your pet's unique personality, it will bring endless smiles to your heart and home鈥攜our guests too. Don't miss this opportunity to immortalize your furry, or feathered friend.

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Funny Wine Back Labels

Don't settle for ordinary wine gifts! Uncork the fun with the best novelty gift ever by adding a touch of humor and whimsy to your next bottle with these hilarious Wine Back Labels. Yes, these handcrafted labels go on the back of any wine bottle you bring home or take to a friend's house. Most back labels are boring. These labels are funny! Crafted by a professional humorist artist, these Wine Back Labels inject a dose of humor and personality into every bottle they adorn. From clever quips to witty remarks, each label is guaranteed to spark conversation and evoke laughter. They're a great ice breaker! So, whether you're hosting a dinner party or attending a friend's soir茅e, these labels are sure to be a hit and set the tone for a memorable evening.

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Tosh Swain

31 Mar, 2024

I Want to Paint Your Dog (or Cat):

5.0 ENB 鉂わ笍's Jeff Leedy

We connected with the hilarious and talented, Jeff Leedy, at the Urban Arts Festival in 2023. How often do you get to meet a fine art humorist? It was such a fun and memorable interaction for us. After learning about his commission work celebrating people's beloved pets with a unique and humorous painting that captures that special connection you share with 'em, we knew Jeff had a home on 鈥 Now you can find his funny Wine Back Labels, his hysterical PotStickers, and soon, even more of his comedic gold. So, if you're looking for an original, hilariously unique gift, or simply a good laugh is needed, Jeff is your guy.