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The internet is still the wild, wild west.


In this ever-expanding online world, it's becoming increasingly harder to know who you can trust.

We've all experienced the bait-n-switch, free resources that are 100% promotional and 0% valuable, misrepresented products, misleading ads, unethical business practices, and not to mention the online scammers who are a dime a dozen.



We’re consumers too and care about helping other explorers out there make smart purchasing decisions and investments that create enriching experiences.


You'll notice we extensively research the products & services permitted on our site and abide religiously with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consumer protection laws in order to provide unparalleled value & transparency—the only way we know how to do business. 


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You can shop with confidence knowing that our affiliate links may help us earn some beer money at no extra cost to you, but in no way influence our decision to endorse these products. 


We will always recommend products that serve a valuable purpose, and we use and love ourselves.


So, thank you for supporting ExploringNotBoring & our partners with every purchase on our site. 

We truly aim to only provide products & services that will serve you in living your best life!​


Now you know why we’re the ultimate resource for your next experience; it’s not just our robust catalog and library that give merit to that claim, it’s the people you can trust behind it all.

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