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Last Updated: April 19, 2021

This Experience Seeker Refund Policy governs ExploringNotBoring’s policy for Seeker refunds and the Partner obligations associated with this Policy. It applies in addition to ExploringNotBoring’s Terms of Service and is available to Seekers who book an Experience through the ExploringNotBoring Platform and suffer a Travel Issue.

All capitalized terms shall have the meaning set forth in the ExploringNotBoring Terms or Payments Terms

unless otherwise defined in this Experience Seeker Refund Policy.

By using the ExploringNotBoring Platform as an Experience Partner or Seeker, you are indicating that you have read and that you understand and agree to be bound by this Experience Seeker Refund Policy.

Eligible Travel Issues and Refund Policy

The following situations are “Travel Issues” that are eligible for a refund under the Experience Seeker Refund Policy:

  • The Partner fails to carry out the booked Experience or arrives more than 15 minutes past the stated start time, causing the Seeker to abandon the Experience.

  • The Partner makes significant changes to the Experience after booking.

  • The Experience contains a safety or health hazard that would be reasonably expected to adversely affect the Seeker’s participation in the Experience.

  • For Experiences that take place online, the Seeker cannot attend or a Partner cannot lead the Experience because of technical difficulties, including audio or visual issues.

If ExploringNotBoring determines that a Seeker experienced a Travel Issue, ExploringNotBoring will, at its discretion, provide the Seeker with a refund up to a maximum of the Total Fees the Seeker paid for the Experience in accordance with this Policy. The amount of any refund will depend on the nature of the Travel Issue suffered.

Minimum Quality Standards, Partner Responsibilities, and Reimbursement to Seeker

As a Partner, you are responsible for ensuring that the Experience you list on the ExploringNotBoring Platform meets ExploringNotBoring’s Experience Standards and does not present a Seeker with Travel Issues. Before and during the Experience, Partners should be available, or make a third-party available, in order to try, in good faith, to resolve any Seeker issues.

If (i) ExploringNotBoring determines that a Seeker has suffered a Travel Issue related to your Experience and (ii) ExploringNotBoring reimburses that Seeker (up to their Total Fees), you agree to reimburse ExploringNotBoring up to the amount paid by ExploringNotBoring within 30 days of ExploringNotBoring’s request. You authorize ExploringNotBoring Payments to collect any amounts owed to ExploringNotBoring by reducing your Payout or as otherwise permitted pursuant to the Payments Terms.

As a Partner, you understand that the rights of Seekers under this Experience Seeker Refund Policy will supersede the Experience Cancellation Policy. If you dispute the Travel Issue, you may notify us in writing or via telephone and provide us with information (including photographs or other evidence) disputing the claims regarding the Travel Issue, provided you used reasonable and good faith efforts to try to remedy the Travel Issue with the Seeker prior to disputing the Travel Issue claim.

General Provisions

This Experience Seeker Refund Policy is not intended to constitute an offer to insure, does not constitute insurance or an insurance contract, does not take the place of insurance obtained or obtainable by the Seeker, and the Seeker has not paid any premium in respect of the Experience Seeker Refund Policy. The benefits provided under this Experience Seeker Refund Policy are not assignable or transferable by a Seeker.

All determinations of ExploringNotBoring with respect to the Experience Seeker Refund Policy shall be at ExploringNotBoring’s discretion, and final and binding on the Seekers and Partners.

ExploringNotBoring reserves the right to modify or terminate this Experience Seeker Refund Policy, at any time, in its sole discretion. If ExploringNotBoring modifies this Experience Seeker Refund Policy, we will post the modification on the ExploringNotBoring Platform or provide you with notice of the modification. ExploringNotBoring will continue to process all claims for Travel Issues made prior to the effective date of the modification.

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