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Last Updated: April 17, 2021

By offering an Experience on the ExploringNotBoring Platform, you agree to abide by our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, which we reserve the right to enforce at our sole discretion. In the event of repeated or severe violations, we may suspend or permanently deactivate a person’s account.

In order to protect our community and business, the following behaviors are prohibited:

Asking Seekers for feedback off-platform

Asking for Seekers to review you or your listing off of ExploringNotBoring takes valuable input about a Seeker’s experience away from ExploringNotBoring’s community. We want Seekers to share their feedback directly on ExploringNotBoring so that other Seekers may benefit from their insights. This includes:

  • Asking Seekers to review an ExploringNotBoring Experience on a non-ExploringNotBoring website, or taking reviews from ExploringNotBoring and posting them on a non-ExploringNotBoring website

  • Asking Seekers to fill out a survey regarding an ExploringNotBoring Experience via a non-ExploringNotBoring website or form off of ExploringNotBoring

Asking Seekers for Contact Information Prior to Booking

All Seeker communications prior to booking should be on ExploringNotBoring. Asking Seekers for contact information prior to booking is prohibited. This includes:

  • Asking Seekers for their phone number or email address prior to booking

  • Asking Seekers to call or email in order to discuss a reservation prior to booking (For example, offering a deeper discount for booking directly by phone).

  • Asking Seekers to go to a third-party website or fill out a form in order to make a booking (For example, stating reservations with larger groups need to go through a separate website)

Asking Seekers for contact information after a booking or misusing contact information provided by ExploringNotBoring

This includes asking for or using contact information for any reasons unrelated to a Seeker’s reservation, or in a way that compromises the quality of a Seeker’s experience. Seekers should be able to communicate directly with Partners about their reservation through ExploringNotBoring or via phone calls and texts. Soliciting additional contact information (email address, residential address) should be avoided unless needed for legal or compliance reasons (such as local laws). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Asking Seekers for an email address for the purpose of their ExploringNotBoring reservation and then subscribing them to marketing materials

  • Asking Seekers to move the conversation to texts or emails in order to circumvent ExploringNotBoring’s platform or Resolution Center

  • Asking Seekers for contact information after a booking in order to run background checks

  • Asking Seekers to send photos of their government ID prior to arrival

Seekers should always feel like they have an option to opt-out of receiving marketing materials.

Asking Seekers to create a separate account or install a third-party app in order to access their reservation

Seekers booking through ExploringNotBoring should be able to access their reservation using only the ExploringNotBoring web app. Additional registration or installation of additional apps should not be mandatory unless it’s required for legal or compliance reasons (such as local laws). In such instances, Partners must include this in their Listing description, so Seekers understand this additional step is a requirement prior to booking.

This includes:

  • Asking Seekers to create a separate account or register on another website besides

  • Asking Seekers to install a third-party app to access a reservation (unless the third-party app has passed our security vetting)

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