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Trapped Inside Myself by Kevin Hodgon


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Travel connoisseur Kevin Hodgon tried to take his own life and failed—twice.

Though fate seemed to have other plans for him, he still couldn’t understand why he didn’t succeed. What purpose did he have anymore? But after finding support from strangers through his many travels and from his viral social media post on suicide and depression, Kevin decides to change his life for the better. He leaves all his possessions behind in England to embark on a healing journey through various parts of North and South America, hoping to fight his dangerous suicidal thoughts, overcome depression, and rediscover his passion for travel.

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I'm a passionate traveller that loves to explore the world, bounce ideas, encourage others and venture deep into different cultures and beliefs.

I've travelled to 89 countries and apart from when I was suffering with my mental health, I never lost that interest. Although my mental health made me lose that interest, it also kickstarted it again when I forced myself to venture out of my four white walls—trying to find answers. You can currently find me hanging out in South America, Peru—A place I now call home.

I wrote my book "Trapped Inside Myself" for two reasons: 1) To help someone else see the light, to know they are not alone and there is a way to stable your mental health, and 2) To educate others about mental health. I know it is a difficult task and I'm just a small fish in a big pond, but I believe there is a way to break the stigma of mental health.

Besides travelling, I enjoy pretty much everything from dancing salsa to kitesurfing. There isn't much I wouldn't try. Life offers so much, and now I intend to taste it all. I now live by the motto: you only live once, so don't waste it. Say “yes” to everything. I'm the new yes man.